Ear Muffs for Shooting: The Importance of Wearing Them, and My Suggested Pair

Ear Muffs for Shooting

Shooting and hunting are interesting things that people engage themselves into.

There are shooting games and some just shoot for fun, not minding the damages it can cause to the inner ear when reliable and quality ear protection for the shooting is not used.

Average gun sounds range from 90 decibels and more. According to research, the ear can be injured or damaged when exposed to noise of about 80 to 85 decibels.

Not using the ear protection for a shooting is very dangerous. Your ear could be damaged.

Over the years, different ear protection has been designed for the use of people that love shooting and also interested in the safety of their ears.

The ear protections is categorized into three which are;

  1. Passive ear protection,
  2. Passive ear plugs, and
  3. Electric ear protections.

=> The most sought-after of all these three is the Electronic ear protection because of its amazing features such as the presence of insulated microphones integrated into it, adjustable volume, earmuffs, etc.

My Experience…

I’m a very good fan of shooting even though I don’t know how to shoot.

I love going to the shooting range but always without using any ear protection, my ears almost got damaged before I was instructed to get one.

I decided to try out Howard Leight Impact Sport, an Electronic Ear Protection, at the shooting range and I fell in love with it.

Best Shooting Ear Protection on the Market…

When it comes to choosing the right electronic ear protection device, it is not always easy due to the fact that there are numerous varieties out there and they are not always the same.

Howard Leight Impact Sport is the best for you to choose because you will enjoy the full features of the earmuff.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Review

  • The Howard Leight Impact Sport model has some of the same features of the Impact Pro model. Just like the Impact Pro, Impact Sport also has large exterior muffs, but, by design, it is more suited to rifle and shotgun use either at the shooting range or during hunting.
  • The muffs of Impact Sport themselves are low profile and the tradeoff is that sound compression is limited to 22 Decibels. The Impact Sport models still provide electronic sound compression for noise above 82 Decibels. The earmuff is perfectly designed with bigger ear cups at each end capable of covering the ear fully
  • Impact Sport Earmuff provides passive hearing protection and enhanced alertness through the surrounding sound amplification.
  • Impact Sport has built-in microphones that give a better communication, increase range commands and surrounding sounds.
  • It has a 3.5mm cable which connects to MP3 players or other personal listening devices. So, when you feel you’re tired of shooting or you just want to listen to music, you can connect your MP3 player and enjoy.
  • Impact Sport uses a standard AAA battery which has Battery life of up to 350 hours and it is replaceable. Another interesting thing about the Howard Leight Impact Sports battery is that the battery compartment is located outside which makes it very easy to access the battery, unlike some other electronic earmuffs that have their battery compartment inside. Another feature is the automatic shut off after four hours of inactivity.


=> It is basically designed for shooting and it is the best. It can be folded conveniently for easy storage.

You can purchase it for as low as $60!

You don’t really have to stress yourself trying to make a decision on what type of hearing protection you want for yourself when you have the best ear protection for shooting you can bank on.