Electric Ear Muffs: What Makes them so Unique

Electric Ear Muffs

       A Perfect ear protection is very important…

For people who love shooting which includes hunters also, even though most shooters don’t think about this.

I know this because my brother used to be a shooter and he wouldn’t use any shooting ear protection.

Later, he noticed some sort of deafness in his early age which made him go for the shooting ear protection.

If you are also a shooter not using the shooting ear protection, you are causing damages to your ear.

Research shows…

that subjecting the ear to noise at about 80 to 85 decibels range can harm the ear.

Also, the louder the noise or longer the subjection to the sound, the shorter the time it will take for Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) to occur.

For hearing loss not to happen and for you to enjoy your shooting game or your hunting, get yourself the best hearing protection which is the Electric hearing protection.

The Electric ear plug

has Electric Ear muffs designed to cover and protect a person’s ears for hearing protection during shooting in a shooting game or hunting.

They are either made of plastic or metal with cup at the end of the muff which covers the ear.

Electric earplugs are used where loud noises are needed to be reduced more than soft noises such as Shooting Range, and soft sounds may even be increased, providing dynamic range compression.

Electric hearing protection has amazing features which made it different from other type of hearing protection. Below are the features that make them the most requested-for.

  • Devices do not go off when interacting with other people around

Electric hearing devices do not go off when speaking to someone.

This is a wise step, particularly if the user is interacting with another person and someone next to him shoots unexpectedly, the range commands won’t be affected.

  • Volume control

These earmuffs have volume control which allows the shooter to either reduce or increase the volume.

This can also allow shooter to listen to music while shooting and still be able to ear the surrounding sounds.

The speakers in these ear muffs are quality that can handle that.

  • Advanced amplifier technology

The advanced amplifier technology of latter-day electric hearing protection devices provide good sound reduction.

This feature is very important to shooters as they can hear any other sound from the environment, regardless of its decibel level.

But when there’s an unusually loud sound around the shooter, the decibel level is blocked by reducing it to a low volume.

  • Microphones

The newest feature of this device is the microphones on each earmuff, making it easier to identify the direction of the sound.

These muffs are powered by batteries which are commonly sold and last for many days before they can be replaced.

  • Insulator

Electric hearing protection insulates your ears.

The microphones in these devices pick up the smallest sounds and amplify them so that you hear everything happening around you clearly.

It also filters out loud sounds like gun shots.

  • Quality feedback

Electric hearing protection helps the user hear things happening around him clearly.

This includes hearing range commands, feedback, and the instructions from the instructor probably at the Shooting Range.

  • Standard ear cups

Electric hearing protection devices come with standard ear cups and sound-absorbing foam in the ear muff.

This is beneficial to the user, as it goes off, the shooter will still be able to hear and his hearing will remain secured.

In Conclusion…

There are many Electric ear plugs around now, so getting the quality one won’t be easy as all Electric ear plugs are not the same.

Also, not all these Electric ear muffs have all the features mentioned.

The full-featured ones are relatively heavy and it may cause inconveniences to the user.

My Recommendation…

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